The International online Young Europe Festival marks the finale of a European cooperation project and initiative by the European Theatre Convention, which united nine ETC member theatres over a period of three years. Young people from Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary were asked about their thoughts on democracy, identity and anger. The new texts and plays that resulted from this research will be presented online from 7 – 9 June, accompanied by a discursive programme for young and professional audiences.

Monday 7 June 2021

10:00 - 12:00 CET

Panel: New Formats & Spaces For Young Audiences 

At the Young Europe project kick-off in 2018, we asked ourselves: What occupies the mind of the young generation today? How can we develop new research-based theatre experiences that meet young people’s spirit and make theatre relevant for Europe’s youth? For the past year, the pandemic has shaken up our world and dominated young people’s lives. More than ever, we need to open perspectives, create visions and discuss how we can bring theatre (back) to the young people. How can we make or reinvent theatre as a space where young people gather? How can we create sustainable access to culture in locked-down and reopened societies? And what new artistic forms and stories do we need to (re)connect with the European youth of today?


14:00 CET

Symposium for Theatre Educators: Aufbruch: Come Together.

All theatre professionals, working in theatre education, theatre pedagogy, audience development and other respecting fields are warmly invited to participate, share ideas and experiences in this international symposium.


We have been in the clutches of the pandemic for more than a year now. This has had a massive impact on everyone in the European cultural sector. This conference for theatre educators will address this question: How can we get together during and after the crisis – how much will be live, what will be online? Which new beginnings can we address together? With this festival, we would like to build a launching pad for the Young Europe Festival and we invite theatre educators and teachers from Austria and abroad to exchange their ideas. Together for a strong European theatre for young people.


18:30 CET

Performance: Democrisis. (K)ein Ausweg 

Written by Jules Buchholtz

360° Walk by Junges Staatstheater Braunschweig/Germany
Free Admission


20:30 CET 

Performance: RAGE 

Written & directed by Wilke Weermann

Streamed classroom play by Junges DT / Deutsches Theater Berlin/Germany
Free Admission


Students disappear. The recruitment videos of a masked girl, Esther, are circulating on social media. She demands immediate political participation. More and more young people join her collective. Who will listen to you when you are still a minor? What forms of participation do we need? And what if Fridays for Future is just the beginning? Wilke Weermann spoke with Berlin pupils who are fighting for their future. The research material and interviews were used to create a classroom play about the political desires of young people.

Tuesday 8 June 2021

18:30   CET

Performance: Age of Rage 

Written by Jibbe Willems and directed by Wieke ten Cate

Streamed Stage Play by De Toneelmakerij, Amsterdam/The Netherlands
Free Admission


There’s a girl in a police cell, and she’s angry. She’s 16, and she’s smart. She didn’t even do much wrong, really, she reckons. All she did was throw a pie in a politician’s face. But then they pinned her down on the ground, arrested her and locked her up. But she’s already got enough reasons to be angry: her parents have been divorcing for the last year, she’s debt-relief poor, and every time she tries to form an opinion, she’s cut down again by her psychologists, teachers or classmates. “Age of Rage” is about a combative girl who’s trying all she can to move forward, but she keeps on getting dragged down. She wants to be heard, but nobody’s listening.


20:00  CET

Performance: Fury Island | Haragossziget 

Written by Attila Lőrinczy and directed by Attila Réthly

Streamed Stage Play by Weöres Sándor Színház, Szombathely/Hungary
Free Admission


In Hungary in the 2000s there was an astonishing number of murders committed by young people. We created a fictional documentary story in which we deliberately avoided obvious motives such as poverty, drug addiction or severe psychological stress. We were curious to see how seemingly consolidated, wealthy young people - much like those in ancient Greek tragedies - could commit the most serious crime: matricide. The story is told in the overlapping of the narratives of the sixteen-year-old high school girl Stuci, her nineteenyear-old friend Zsomer, and the monologues of her mother Erika, a fifty-four-year-old librarian.

Wednesday 9 June 2021

10:00  CET

Performance: Plan(et) B

Written by Stefan Hornbach and directed by Djuna Delker


Live Zoom Play by Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe/Germany
10 seats available | Free Admission


14:00 CET  

Performance: Plan(et) B 

Written by Stefan Hornbach and directed by Djuna Delker


Live Zoom Play by Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe/Germany
10 seats available | Free Admission


The Fridays for Future movement and numerous renowned scientists agree: If our planet were a boat, it would soon be sinking. It’s time for a new generation to take the wheel. Because there is no planet B for us to escape to. But there may well be a plan B …


16:00 CET

Table Talks: Young Europe | Democrisis, Rage, Identity 

In English | Free Admission


For our Table Talks, the Young Europe authors and dramaturgs will get together to talk about their approaches and working processes. As part of Young Europe III, three artistic teams joined together to explore the views of teenagers’ across Europe and to learn what occupies the minds of the young generation today, to identify major topics for new research-based theatre:


Team 1: Theatre Magdeburg, Staatstheater Braunschweig, and the "Marin Sorescu" National Theatre of Craiova developed the immersive gameplay “Democrisis”, based on interviews with 14 to 20-yearold people from the three cities and asking the question: What would we lose if we put our democracy at risk?


Team 2: For Weöres Sándor Színház, De Toneelmakerij in Amsterdam and Deutsches Theater Berlin a clear theme of ‘rage’ emerged – what makes young people angry? Each theatre created its own production based on their combined research.


Team 3: Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe, Pesti Magyar Színház in Budapest and Slovak National Drama Theatre in Bratislava created performances inspired by young people’s ideas of identity and their visions of the future. 


18:30 CET

Performance: Strange Things | Cudzô 

Written by Alexandra Salmela and directed by Júlia Rázusová


Streamed Stage Play by Slovak National Drama Theatre, Bratislava/Slovakia
Free Admission


Young people are faced with all the challenges, anxieties, fears, uncertainties, and adrenaline that are part of an adventurous quest for the rescue of the world. The play portrays a world after a catastrophe where all adults have disappeared. Resources are used up, and it seems that the internet is about to stop working, too. How will the young people manage in the new context and what world will they create? Where will they look for their families and friends? “Strange Things” is a witty encounter with what we find alien and what we (like to) fear. A play about what we do and don’t find strange.


20:00  CET

Performance: Before Tomorrow | Holnapelőtt

Written by Péter Deres, János Horváth, Illés Horváth


Streamed Stage Play by Pesti Magyar Színház, Budapest/Hungary
Free Admission


How do young people see how they can equip their lives in a world where there are no adults – perhaps because of an apocalyptic disaster? How can they communicate with each other, survive when there is no parental control over them?


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