ETC is the largest network of publicly-funded theatres in Europe, with 63 members in 31 countries. We organise a wide range of activities to create brilliant new theatre, support and develop people working in theatre, and fight for the European theatre sector in a political context.

These activities (see full list) are open to a combination of member theatres, theatre workers, artists across the continent and audiences interested in theatre.


ETC History and Values

Founded in 1988, the ETC promotes European theatre as a vital platform for dialogue, democracy and interaction that responds to, reflects and engages with today’s diverse audiences and changing societies.

ETC fosters an inclusive notion of theatre that brings Europe’s social, linguistic and cultural heritage to audiences and communities in Europe and beyond. Powerful and professional ETC governance ensures that the network will thrive and grow, taking into consideration the latest trends and developments.

The ETC’s current three-year programme of activities, "TRANSFORMATIONS - Recharging European Theatres and Audiences in a Post-Covid World", offers our Member Theatres many opportunities and project possibilities. This comprehensive, groundbreaking programme is supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

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These are activities to bring people together to create or exchange about artistic work.

These include:

These activities are workshops, mentoring programmes and monthly meetups.

These include:

These are activities to strengthen and support the European theatre sector in a political context.

These include:

  • Lobbying for Theatre, regular dialogue and exchange with EU policy makers
  • Policy Recommendations, distilling learning from activities on digital theatre, youth theatre, participatory theatre and diversity and gender equality
  • Research, by academics on key themes conducted across our 26 member countries
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Our name for the entire programme of activities is 'TRANSFORMATIONS'. We are delighted that ETC has been selected to deliver this work as one of the European cultural networks, in a long-term partnership with the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

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ETC produces regular magazines, interviews and feature articles with leading figures from the European theatre scene. These can be read individually or downloaded as an entire publication.

Past Activities

ETC has spent decades making challenging and exciting new theatre. Explore previous high-profile projects:

Our Values

Read our Statutes, Our Charter, and the ETC Code of Conduct

ETC Code of Conduct


Member Feedback

"Uncomplicated, personal and down to earth."

"Very active and productive. It is not a 'travel agency' as with some other organisations, but always comes with very interesting projects...I like the variety (green theatre, PR activities, playwriting"  

Anonymous reflections from our member theatres about what they value from ETC membership, made during evaluation sesssions in January and February 2021.

Watch a roundup of everything we achieved - and experimented with - over our last funding round, from 2017-2021!

Video by Marijana Verhoef and Jan Joost Verhoef

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  • Discover new contexts, cities and perspectives
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