Designing the New Decade

What do we expect from the new decade? What are the main opportunities and challenges we will face? How can we as theatre makers, European citizens and as a network shape a meaningful future and environment for our audiences? Sustainability is the main focus of the upcoming ETC International Theatre Conference – both with regards to environmental protection and the ETC’s strategic development. What does Green Theatre mean? What can theatres do to effectively meet the 17 sustainable development goals? On the Wednesday we will consider a pragmatic, realistic approach towards our buildings and artistic productions. Thursday and Friday are dedicated to designing the future of the ETC through networking and joint project development.

Focus on Green Theatre

Climate change and environmental deterioration are existential threats to our future – this isn’t new. Nevertheless, almost all sectors, including the arts, are lagging behind on effectively implementing the sustainable development goals (SDG’s) as formulated by the UN years ago. What can theatres do to reduce their carbon footprints? Why and how do we need to act and change our ways of producing, working and travelling?

The next ETC International Theatre Conference online will focus on these questions and exploring best practices for Green Theatre. Although we will not be able to meet in person, ETC will remain a place for you to discover, network and exchange on best practice.

ETC International Theatre Conferences are open to members and invited guests. The panel discussion on Wednesday morning will be live-streamed thanks to our partnership with Howlround Theatre Commons. 

Registration for the conference will open mid-October.



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