Our Stage – New Forms of Participatory Theatre


The practice and idea of turning citizens, users and audiences into active participants is on the rise in many fields of society. In the arts, social, dialogical, collaborative projects as well as new participatory repertoires are evolving. And many theatres feel the urge to link art to new and more democratic forms of communication and community involvement. 

Our Stage introduces the idea of citizen theatre run as a professional inhouse production company and new form for creative community outreach via artistic collaboration to the wider sector. How can theatre become a mirror of a city's sociology? How can theatre be perceived as a real public space and how can we best put that into practice? Is it possible to create global-local co-productions in citizen theatre? The conference programme focuses on these questions by sharing best practices and discussing different European formats of participatory theatre with artists and theatre directors.

Keynote speeches by international experts, interactive formats such as panel discussions and tables talks as well as a space for networking with peers and colleagues from all over Europe characterise the programme of the next ETC International Theatre Conference and the Our Stage – 4th Bürgerbühnenfestival at Staatsschauspiel Dresden, Germany.



Practical Details


Grants Available

ETC offers grants to cover the hotel accommodation during the entire stay at the festival "Our Stage - 4th European Bürgerbühne Festival" and ETC International Theatre Conference. Grants are available on a first-come-first-served basis and are only available to ETC Members. Each ETC Member Theatre is entitled to apply for one grant.

To apply, please send an email to Teresa Pfaud, Project Coordinator
+49 30 284 41 207


Registration opens on 04 March 2019. This event is exclusive to ETC Member Theatres and invited guests.

Photo: Participatory theatre performance Die Stunde, Staatsschauspiel Dresden/Germany. ©Sebastian Hoppe


23 – 26 May 2019

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