29 November – 01 December

Whose Stories Are We Telling?


One of the key outcomes from the ETC International Theatre Conference, Bratislava in November 2018, entitled "Diversity in Action", was the unanimous vote by the network theatres on a European code of conduct to promote diversity and gender equality in the European theatres. 

For the upcoming conference in Amsterdam, the network would like to go deeper into the idea of diversity in storytelling and look at whose stories are being presented and reflected on the European stage. 

Theatre’s greatest power is its ability to show multiple perspectives in the course of a single play. This is a major value in the polarised environment of contemporary Europe. There’s a saying in Dutch that goes something like “unknown is unloved”. As theatre makers, we have access to stages on which we can tell the story of the other, and ensure the less dominant voices in our societies are heard. The stories we stage let us get to know each other, in all our diversity, and embrace our differences.

The upcoming ETC International Conference is hosted by De Toneelmakerij in collaboration with Internationaal Theater Amsterdam (ITA). Giving a voice to the powerless is intrinsic to the work of Toneelmakerij. Toneelmakerij’s audience is a true, representative cross-section of the population and that has an influence on the work they make. Who is telling the story is as important as what story they are telling. Can the audience identify with what they’re seeing and hearing onstage? Can we discover something at the same time? Can we get a fresh view on prevailing structures, ideas, and preconceptions? What plays will we continue to perform? Where is there a need for a new perspective? The network is looking forward to exploring these relevant questions together with five guest speakers from around the world at the ETC International Theatre Conference in Amsterdam.





The ETC International Theatre Conference is open to all ETC Members, guest theatres, speakers and invited guests.







ETC International Theatre Conference

28 November – 01 December 2019

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