Union Place

Timisoara National Theatre, Schauspielhaus Salzburg, Escher Theater

25 - 28 August 2023

ETC Member Timisoara National Theatre aims to build a European connection system among people, institutions, and artists. In the opening of their new theatrical season, the theatre invites the public to its venue Sala 2, between 25 - 28 August, to see a European event by excellence and a special theatre performance, titled 'Union Place.'

'Union Place' is a coproduction between three members of the European Theatre Convention: Schauspielhaus Salzburg (Austria), Timisoara National Theatre (Romania) and Escher Theatre (Luxembourg).

It is common knowledge that almost every family from Timisoara has a migration-related story regarding all the ”scars” made by the decision to leave a country. The text commissioned by Schauspielhaus Salzburg from the Romanian author Elise Wilk is written and played in Romanian, German and English by actors from the three theatre companies. This performance weaves together life stories balancing between East and West, among Timisoara, Vienna and Luxembourg, between present and past gravitating around the need to escape and the longing all that Romanian-German-English sound universe covers with humour and sensitivity a continent interconnected long before becoming a geopolitical union.

The cast lines up actors from three countries: Andrei Chifu and Cristina König (Timisoara National Theatre), Sophia Fischbacher, Wolfgang Kandler, Christiane Warnecke, Jens Ole Schmieder (Schauspielhaus Salzburg) and Philippe Thelen (Escher Theatre). The stage design was created by Isabel Graf, the music was composed by Georg Brenner, the light designer is Marcel Busà and the dramaturgy was signed by Jérôme Junod.

The stage director is Alexandru Weinberger-Bara who is a Romanian artist living and working in Austria and Germany.

'Union Place' had its premiere in Salzburg, in May. After the performances that will take place in Timisoara the third station of this show will be in Esch-sur-Alzette, in Luxembourg, in October, as a bridge that links Esch-sur-Alzette, European Capital of Culture 2022 and Timisoara, European Capital of Culture 2023.

Partner of the event: Austrian Cultural Forum

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Photo: Jan Friese

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