ITALY / 2022

Nalini Vidoolah Mootoosamy – Lost&Found

This text excerpt proposed by PAV was selected by the ETC Drama Committee in 2024.

Lost&Found is a play on the right to freedom of movement. A right that often becomes a privilege based on “who we are” and “where we come from”. On one side, we follow the story of two tourists (A and B) who, thanks to the privilege of their European passports, can move more freely in non-European countries and visit places they consider to be their “dream places”. On the other hand, we witness the misadventures of X, a migrant without the right documents, to reach and stay in his “dream place”: the European fortress.


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Marie Nováková – Landscape with Warehouses

The play was proposed by Narodni divadlo - National Theatre Prague / Czech Republic for the ETC Drama Committee

The border area in the westernmost part of the Czech Republic is a turbulent place where people didn’t get a chance to stay for any longer period and put down roots.

Maciej from Poland thus finds a close soul in Greta, a dead German girl who fell victim to the hostility of the Czechs towards the Germans in the post-war period. Marika, an elderly prostitute who is seeing a Bosnian worker, Danilo, at the barracks, finds among the workers a child born twenty-five years ago of whom she lost track after his placement in a care home. The annual gathering of retired border-guard soldiers is interrupted by a ghost of their former comrade, who mercilessly destroys their long-developed cover legend about brave guardians of the republic. Danilo, broken down and tortured by the heavy work, is freed by a horde of Bashkirian warriors who died in a prison camp during WWI and are buried underneath the logistics warehouses. But Christmas is coming, and the workers must keep working so that gifts are delivered in time.

Download an overview of the play and the author below, including an extract in English and the full play in the original language.


BELGIUM / 2020

Emmanuel De Candido - The Flamboyant Round – The (il)legitimate Play of a Son of Colonialism

The text was proposed by Théâtre de Liège / Belgium for the ETC Drama Committee

Based on interviews and research that the author conducted in Sicily, the Democratic Republic
of Congo and Reunion Island, this fable for five characters tells the story of a debt.

Five actors dance a round, before sitting down.
It is the story of an old banker who has to leave a country he loves like an abusive father.
It is the story of a young politician who is trying to restore his town's financial accounts before
the elections.
It is the story of a political opponent who tries to hide an embarrassing corpse.
It is the story of a former child soldier who has become a gardener, caught up in the violence of
his own people.
It is the story of a young merchant woman whose man has just been abandoned at the bottom of
a well.
It is the story of a circular debt, a debt they will have to settle in two nights, a debt that passes
from hand to hand, gorged with blood, silence and violence.
It all begins with an enigma whose resolution could have saved the living and honoured the
Unfortunately, this story is inspired by real facts.
It is therefore a tragedy.

Download an overview of the play and the author below, including an extract in English and the full play in the original language.


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