Prometheus Unbound

A coproduction of Landestheater Linz and Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe

14 December 2019

Prometheus brought fire, technology, civilisation and art to mankind. To punish him, Zeus condemned him to be tied to a rock on Mount Caucasus, his ever-growing liver devoured by an eagle every day. But the power of progress was unstoppable.

Based on the Prometheus legend, CyberRäuber, who have been working with virtual reality and theatre since 2016, deal with the essence of art in the digital age. What is human art, what is artificial art? Can artificial intelligence already be creative? What happens when machine learning, sounds, images and texts generated by algorithms meet real performers? What happens when we unleash Prometheus again?

Together with Landestheater Linz (Austria) and Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe (Germany), both located in key regions of digital development, CyberRäuber is exploring what the theatre of the future will be.

Performance Dates

  • 12 & 30 January 2020, Landestheater Linz/Austria
  • 18 February 2020, Landestheater Linz/Austria

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Photo: Prometheus Unbound ©Petra Moser

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