Fill in the ETC Members' Survey

The information will be used for ETC's political work and in funding applications

15 January 2021

This form is designed to collect data from ETC Member Theatres for the theatre seasons 2018/19 (before the Covid-19 pandemic) and 2019/20 (during the Covid-19 pandemic). It shall then give an overview of the European theatre landscape.

We will anonymise the collected data. Please fill it in as accurately as possible as this will help ETC lobby for theatres across Europe, and inform future collaborators and partners about the reach of our organisation. In addition:

  • The aggregated statistics will be used for future ETC EU grant applications.
  • The aggregated statistics will be used for ETC's participation in the study "The Situation of Theatres in EU Member States" commissioned by the European Commission.
  • The aggregated data will be used for communication and advocacy purposes and to draw comparisons for how Covid19 has affected the sector.

The form should be completed by the ETC contact within the theatre or the line manager.

Feel free to contact the ETC team if you need more specific help via 

If you are not sure about a specific number, please estimate so we can approximately fill in the statistics.


Deadline: Please complete this form by 28 February 2021.

ETC Members' Survey - Overview of Questions

An assessment of theatres in Europe before and during Covid-19. This document displays all the questions asked in the survey.


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