Barriers and Inhabitations

Weöres Sándor Színház

16 April 2019

Community theatre about birth giving and childbirth

-in one act-


After the participatory theatre workshop in Dresden organised by the European Theatre Convention in February 2018, Weöres Sándor Theatre issued an invitation on its website and in the local public media, in which local residents were invited to participate in a casting on birth giving and childbirth. Anybody wanting to contribute to the topic had the opportunity to apply. Besides offering the applicants the opportunity to act, the announcement had the aim to involve them actively in the process of the production.

The promotion was followed by personal interviews with mothers, children, women, men, experts, laymen, elderly and young people, people living in the capital or in the country: in a half a year, a small temporary community was established. They exchanged experience and discussed different point of views during long-hour sessions, resulting in forming the most crucial issues of the performance Barriers and Inhabitations.

Our point of view about birth giving and childbirth is often more impacted by the media or influencers in the online community, or by representatives of several medicinal approaches, even by worried family members or helpful friends, rather than by our own intuition or life experience. The performance Barriers and Inhabitations has the aim to provide social experience increased visibility, which everybody is somehow involved in.

Premiere on 16 April 2019

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© Weöres Sándor Színház

This performance is part of "Our Stage", an ETC programme co-funded by Creative Europe

Our Stage

Participatory Theatre in Dresden and Europe

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