Weöres Sándor Színház

Hungary / Szombathely

Weöres Sándor Theatre was established in 2007. We produce 8-10 new productions per season in the 3 venues of the house. Around 70,000 people visit our 325 shows during a season. Our repertoire consists a big variety of genre to fulfill the different expectations of the audience. We put at least one musical, some contemporary plays, and also some Hungarian and international classical dramas on stage, offering theatre experiences for the audience of all ages.

We are lucky to work with the most acknowledged directors year by year. Some of them are well known internationally as well. Róbert Alföldi, János Mohácsi, Sándor Zsótér, Péter Valló - just to mention a few of them - stand for a high standard. We try to be open for guest plays as well. Every year we offer a series of the best performances from Hungarian independent theatre groups. We organise exhibitions of all kinds, book presentation events and we also used to provide the location for regional music festivals. Our work is valued by the audience and also by professionals. We have gained during the 10 years existence of the Weöres Sándor Színház 40 prices on different Hungarian theatre festivals.

©Mészáros Zsolt


Akacs Mihály u. 7.

+36 943 192 89

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