Kyiv Academic "Molodyy" Theatre

Ukraine / Kyiv

The life of the theatre named “Molodyy” on the Prorizna 17, St. is divided into two periods: 1917-1919 and 1979 – present days. On 24 September 1917, the “Molodyy” Theatre began its activity in Kyiv led by Les Kurbas.

In 1919, the government nationalised and destroyed the Young Theatre, and only in 1979, on the order of the Ministry of Culture of the USSR, was created the “Molodijniy” Theater, which in 1995 became known as the "Molodyy”. In this way, the historical chain of time was tied up, and the "Molodyy” Theatre founded by Les Kurbas continued his life where he was born.

In 2014, the theatre became a member of the ETC, took part in international projects, established communication with European theatres and directors. The main task of "Molodyy" by Kurbas was to integrate Ukrainian theatre into the European cultural space. Now, the main activities of the theatre are to be working with young directors and contemporary drama, searching for new forms, international activities and coproductions.

“Molodyy” theatre - theatre for people young at heart!


Prorizna 17, St.

+38 068 322 08 85

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Since 2014, Theatre is Dialogue – Dialogue of Cultures has been supporting artists and theatres in Ukraine and other Eastern European countries in their efforts to set in motion fruitful exchanges and networking opportunities with colleagues across Europe.

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