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UKRAINE / 2021

Evangelos Kosmidis – Alaska

The text proposed by  Dakh Theatre – Centre of Contemporary Arts / Ukraine was selected by the ETC Drama Committee in 2022

Alaska, by Greek stage director and author Evangelos Kosmidis, is a play and work in progress performance created as part of Dakh Theatre/Gogolfest’s Marathon of International Residencies in Mariupol (Ukraine) in 2021. While the play’s idea originated in Greece, it is only after arriving in Mariupol that the author managed to realise it, through research, interviews and devising work with his actors, members of the first theatre school-studio of Mariupol. While written before the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Mariupol has been a city marked by war, near the front zone since 2014.

The play includes real thoughts and comments from the children and teenagers who faced the war, who went through all the horror, the children who lost their relatives and lost the opportunity to see them. Their monologues about love, friendship, loneliness, war… are combined with texts by Roland Bart, John Green, Sibylle Berg, Elise Wilk, Jorge Bucay, Maria Polidouri, Kostas Kariotakis, Pinelopi Delta and Evangelos Kosmidis himself. The author adds: “Alaska can be a message of peace and a warning to the world”.


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Marie Nováková – Landscape with Warehouses

The play was proposed by Narodni divadlo - National Theatre Prague / Czech Republic for the ETC Drama Committee

The border area in the westernmost part of the Czech Republic is a turbulent place where people didn’t get a chance to stay for any longer period and put down roots.

Maciej from Poland thus finds a close soul in Greta, a dead German girl who fell victim to the hostility of the Czechs towards the Germans in the post-war period. Marika, an elderly prostitute who is seeing a Bosnian worker, Danilo, at the barracks, finds among the workers a child born twenty-five years ago of whom she lost track after his placement in a care home. The annual gathering of retired border-guard soldiers is interrupted by a ghost of their former comrade, who mercilessly destroys their long-developed cover legend about brave guardians of the republic. Danilo, broken down and tortured by the heavy work, is freed by a horde of Bashkirian warriors who died in a prison camp during WWI and are buried underneath the logistics warehouses. But Christmas is coming, and the workers must keep working so that gifts are delivered in time.

Download an overview of the play and the author below, including an extract in English and the full play in the original language.


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