BELGIUM / 2020

Emmanuel De Candido - The Flamboyant Round – The (il)legitimate Play of a Son of Colonialism

The text was proposed by Théâtre de Liège / Belgium for the ETC Drama Committee

Based on interviews and research that the author conducted in Sicily, the Democratic Republic
of Congo and Reunion Island, this fable for five characters tells the story of a debt.

Five actors dance a round, before sitting down.
It is the story of an old banker who has to leave a country he loves like an abusive father.
It is the story of a young politician who is trying to restore his town's financial accounts before
the elections.
It is the story of a political opponent who tries to hide an embarrassing corpse.
It is the story of a former child soldier who has become a gardener, caught up in the violence of
his own people.
It is the story of a young merchant woman whose man has just been abandoned at the bottom of
a well.
It is the story of a circular debt, a debt they will have to settle in two nights, a debt that passes
from hand to hand, gorged with blood, silence and violence.
It all begins with an enigma whose resolution could have saved the living and honoured the
Unfortunately, this story is inspired by real facts.
It is therefore a tragedy.

Download an overview of the play and the author below, including an extract in English and the full play in the original language.


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MALTA / 2022

Simone Spiteri – Wolf/Sheep

The play is part of the Pipelines project, and was created in collaboration with Teatru Malta

The fuel industry is fueled by corruption, corruption fuels the fuel company. Corruption fuels us all and we fuel it back. Even if we don't think we do, or refuse to accept that we do. Wolf/Sheep is a play about this vicious cycle: a massive iceberg, not its tip ... we all know who those people up there are, but its base is Us. You. Me. And how we all, by doing nothing or thinking there is nothing to do, have allowed these things to happen. Things of all sorts: the trivial, the inconsequential, but the horrific too.

Malta loves a nationwide blackout. Despite very recent state-of-the-art new fuel storage systems. But lack of actual light every now and then is not the only thing keeping us in the dark. Allegorical, satirical, political ... the play evaluates, observes and pushes the limits of a country (perhaps a world?) that can be as surreal as it is confused, noisy, passive, passionate and chaotic. Ultimately, we are all anesthetized, by the wolf, maybe? But the real question is what kind of fuel is our new opium and who are the real wolves and the real sheep?

The play will premiere at Teatru Malta in the season 2022/2023.


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