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SPAIN / 2023

Jokin Oregi – Where are the Children?

This text excerpt was proposed by Teatro Arriaga to the ETC Drama Committee in 2024.

In Where are the Children? we find ourselves facing a story that narrates an unusual event – the death of an eight-year-old girl. The evidence points to suicide as the cause of death. In this spatial-temporal mosaic what appears to be a story centred around an absent girl becomes a choral portrait of the adults living in relation to the children in the play.


poetic drama  |  psychological drama  |  full text


Valeria Schulczová, Roman Olekšák – The Island

The play was proposed by Slovak National Drama Theatre / Slovakia for the ETC Drama Committee

The Island used to flourish with life, but nowadays only four native inhabitants live there. It is a family, which consists of a man, daughter, son, and neighbor - the Loner. During the storyline, the secret of the dark history is completely revealed. The island had been evacuated and they stayed there illegally. The sea level is alarmingly rising every year, so the government decided to move all the inhabitants to coast. At least that is what they think until the arrival of a couple – Man and woman. Part psychological drama, part criminal story, the play does not lose its magical, mythological elements.

Download an overview of the play and the author below, including an extract in English and the full play in the original language.


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