The Green Theatre Committee returns for the period 2021-24, to help push forwards the ambitious committment for ETC to become a climate neutral network by 2030.

The Committee, made up of representatives from the network, will also work on developing a 'Green Theatre Label'.

Committee members:

  • Silvano Catufa, Technical and safety manager, Teatro Stabile di Torino (Italy)

  • Frank Holldack, Head of Design & Costume, Schauspielhaus Graz (Austria)

  • Joachim Klement, Artistic Director, Staatsschauspiel Dresden (Germany), ETC Board Delegate

  • Solenn Koç, Environmental Advisor, Théâtre de Liège (Belgium)

  • Michaela Rýgrová, Environmental Activities Coordinator, National Theatre Prague (Czech Republic)

  • Heidi Wiley, Executive Director, ETC

  • Gunnar Will, Senior Energy Manager, & Juliane Becker, Project Manager, Adelphi, External Expert Consultants

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Deadline: 7 October 2022

ETC’s Green Theatre Committee will resume its work with a first meeting end of October 2022. Headed by ETC’s newly appointed sustainability advisor Michaela Rýgrová, the committee thrives to put in place ETC’s strategic plan to reach the objectives set out in the ETC Sustainable Action Code for the network and theatres to become climate neutral by 2030.

If you want to join the committee and are available to be part of a very constructive working group that meets on an online hourly basis up to 5 times a season, then let Heidi Wiley know by sending an email by 7 October 2022 to .

Read the press release announcing the climate neutral pledge

Major theatres in 25 European countries have made a promise to reduce their carbon emissions to at least zero by 2030 as part of a plan, coordinated by the European Theatre Convention (ETC), to create a “more sustainable, conscious, mindful and just future”.

Leading European Theatres have made an ambitious promise to completely eradicate their carbon emissions over the next decade.

The 46 theatres in the European Theatre Convention (ETC) network, drawn from 25 countries, have pledged to become climate neutral by 2030 – stressing that they will make changes to activity across their buildings and theatrical productions.

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