The Green Theatre Committee works to push forwards the ambitious commitment for ETC to become a climate-neutral network by 2030.

Set up in 2021, the Green Theatre Committee is composed of specialists from the ETC network and external experts, and helps develop knowledge, analyses, and guidelines on sustainability. It plays a key role in driving forward ETC's ambitious goal of becoming a climate-neutral network by 2030, as set out in ETC’s Sustainability Action Code.

A significant step in this sustainability journey is the creation of the ETC Theatre Green Book, a collaboration between ETC, Renew Culture and the renowned ‘Theatre Green Book’ initiative. The ETC Theatre Green Book is a new version of the tool to guide theatres step-by-step towards net-zero emissions – across their productions, buildings and operations.

Committee members:

  • Joachim Klement, Artistic Director, Staatsschauspiel Dresden (Germany)
  • Emmanuelle Lejeune, Environmental Advisor, Théâtre de Liège (Belgium)
  • Johann Otten, Dramaturge, Deutsches Theater Berlin (Germany)
  • Lucy Davies, Executive Director, Young Vic (United Kingdom)
  • Raquel Castells, Head of Internationalisation Area, Teatro Arriaga Antzokia, Bilbao (Spain)
  • Paddy Dillon, Coordinator, Theatre Green Book
  • Lisa Burger, Director, Renew Culture

The Green Theatre Committee is always looking for additional expertise from within the network. Contact Heidi Wiley, ETC Executive Director, for more information 

ETC Theatre Green Book

ETC's Sustainable Action Code for Theatres foresees for the network and its members to become climate-neutral by 2030. How do we get there?

The newly created ETC Theatre Green Book (ETC TGB) is a tool to encourage each of our members to no longer wait and take necessary steps to transform theatre making, operating and addressing the maintenance of the buildings.

Follow the ETC TGB trial group and the TGB experts Paddy Dillon and Lisa Burger in the following webinars (available for ETC Members only):


Read the press release announcing the climate neutral pledge

Major theatres in 25 European countries have made a promise to reduce their carbon emissions to at least zero by 2030 as part of a plan, coordinated by the European Theatre Convention (ETC), to create a “more sustainable, conscious, mindful and just future”.

Leading European Theatres have made an ambitious promise to completely eradicate their carbon emissions over the next decade.

The 46 theatres in the European Theatre Convention (ETC) network, drawn from 25 countries, have pledged to become climate neutral by 2030 – stressing that they will make changes to activity across their buildings and theatrical productions.

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