ETC Sustainable Action Code for Theatres

11 June 2021

"We, theatres in Europe, are committed to measure, understand, reduce and offset our carbon footprint through information, mobilization and legislation on European level."

ETC Sustainable Action Code for Theatres

Creating now, a greener, more sustainable conscious and mindful just future by 2030.

We, theatres in Europe, are committed to measure, understand, reduce and offset our ecological footprint through information, mobilization and legislation on European level.


Theatres have the power to reach many people across society, to engage and initiate cultural debates. Creating a better and more equitable future is at the heart of our ‘recovery plan’ to overcome the Covid-19 crisis, providing resilience, all while reducing our impact on the climate crisis. We refer to the EU Green Deal and the Sustainability Goals of the United Nations to achieve a better and more sustainable sector by 2030. 

ETC’s Sustainability Action Code for Theatres is the ambitious two-fold vision to create sustainable progress in Europe’s theatres by the end of this decade and to reach a climate positive network and membership. It is based on the three basic pillars considering the social, economic and environmental transformation of our work for a more sustainable, diverse and just use of our resources, to create, present and share theatre made in Europe.

In adapting our procedures and behavior to those principles, we strive to continuously promote and strengthen European theatre as a vital platform for dialogue and interaction that responds to, reflects and engages with today’s diverse audiences and changing societies while we champion justice, democracy, and cross-cultural collaboration through theatre.


We are committed to adapt our environments and actions in the three areas towards:

  •   Sustainable processes in theatre organisations
  •   Sustainable theatre buildings
  •   Sustainable theatre productions


To achieve these action areas we pursue the following eight goals and develop:

1)      A sustainability strategy and action guidelines for theatres that set out clearly measurably goals and actions to reduce our sector’s ecological footprint

  •   Acknowledging that not one size fits all for theatre venues to adapt

2)      Knowledge transfer to exchange on best practices

  •   Sharing is caring

3)      Trainings for theatre professionals

  •   Changing of behavioral artistic and organizational practices

4)      Artistic visions for a greener and more just future

  •   Producing narratives, dramaturgies, and performances on stage

5)      Fair collaboration and touring models

  •   Strengthening European and international cooperation

6)      Public debate between artists, scientists, and stakeholders

  •   Shaping societal dialogue

7)      Visibility and communication to present our achievements

  •   Encouraging others to follow

8)      Legislative documentation

  •   Informing and influencing policy regulations on European and national level


The three action areas and eight goals will be communicated in each of our theatre’s organisations. Endorsed by the ETC Member Theatres at the ETC General Assembly, Graz, 11 June 2021

ETC Sustainable Action Code for Theatres


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