Young Europe IV Convenes in Braunschweig Ahead of Festival

Playwrights, dramaturgs & artistic mentors come together for enriching exchanges and collaborations

The Young Europe IV (YEIV) Writer's Lab & Festival Prep Meeting was held at Staatstheater Braunschweig from April 19 to 21, providing an exciting opportunity for playwrights, dramaturgs, artistic mentors, and artistic directors to gather and collaborate after a year apart.

The event featured participatory readings of YEIV texts, with attendees engaging in group feedback sessions, and a noteworthy workshop on character-driven dialogue and language for a classroom audience, led by Brian Mullin (National Theatre London/New Views Playwrighting Programme). 

Participants also attended a presentation by the Forgotten Plays Committee and enjoyed a delightful performance by the Junges! Staatstheater Braunschweig.

As the 2024 festival approaches, partners of the project have begun preparations, bringing YEIV one step closer to the eagerly anticipated event.

The classroom plays will be performed at participating theatres during the final year of the project (2023/24) before being featured at a festival in 2024.


Young Europe IV is a three-year programme devoted to expanding the canon of European theatre literature, by highlighting "forgotten" plays and by writing new ones for young audiences.

Nine theatres from seven countries are participating in the project, which will see eight new texts on diverse, inclusive themes written for young audiences.

Young Europe IV is part of TRANSFORMATIONS, ETC's programme of activities from 2021-24, which is co-funded by the European Union.

Young Europe IV is the winner of a 50,000 EUR prize and the Art Explora - Académie des Beaux-Arts European Award 2022! Read more

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