You in my House

An audio performance by National Theatre Prague, leading the audience to see their apartment in a new light...

Tickets online June - September (Czech & English)

Jiří Austerlitz: You in my House

(an audio-performance for two spectators and an apartment)


Director: Jiří Austerlitz
Dramaturg: Marta Ljubková
Music and sound design: Jan Čtvrtník
Sound: Jan Veselý


Cast: Saša Rašilov & Jindřiška Dudziaková

and YOU and  YOUR spouse, partner, parent, friend, child, whomever you want to invite….


Two people in an apartment – and a Voice. Who is the visitor and who is the host? Do you really know the place you live in? Or do you rather come for a visit?

The two are together in one apartment, and a Voice is heard from a recording. Who is it? Can he understand the life that’s lived there? What is his fate? Are we able to really listen?


(l-r) Dramaturg Marta Ljubková and Director Jiří Austerlitz

The audio-performance invites the audience to visit their apartment anew, perceive it from a different angle, participate a little – simply join in a play of three actors.

After purchasing a ticket, you will receive an audio track for your mobile phone. You can invite anyone with whom you want to experience this piece: your spouse, partner, parent, friend, child, whomever. You only need to be two in any apartment, have a charged mobile phone and at least one hour of free time.


See here for more information


Czech Premiere: April 1, 2021

English Premiere: May 2021


Photos by Petr Neubert

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