Upcoming Highlights

Theater Dortmund

April 2019

Theater Dortmund presents three highlights for the upcoming month:



Choreographies by von Douglas Lee, Jacopo Godani und Wubkje Kuindersma
Music by Bernard Herrmann, 48nord, Michael Gordon, und Peter Gregson

Premiere: 9 March 2019

Three different visions by three European choreographers:

She wore red, the latest creation by Brit choreographer Douglas Lee, brings out the gloomy vitality of Dortmund’s corps de ballet. By transferring the story of little red riding hood onto the ballet stage, Douglas Lee wants to express the dark atmosphere of the enchanted forest by the means of dance. “A creation is successful once the audience became an emotional part of it.”

Jacopo Godani, born in Italy, created a thrilling choreography: Moto Perpetuo is demanding very high standards of the ballet company by requiring the dancers being sensitiv and mathematical precise at the same time.

Exceptional artist Wubkje Kuindersma developed her latest work from an old Asian craftsmanship where broken pottery is fixed with gold to even increase its value. The Dutch choreographer is transferring this technique to the human body and soul – the result is as intensive as stunning.

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Me, Europe (Ich, Europa)

by Yavuz Ekinci, Anis Hamdoun, Iman Humaidan, Yasmina Khadra, Nermina Kukic, Ismail Küpeli, Sudabeh Mohafez, Muzaffer Öztürk, Burhan Qurbani, Tanja Šljivar among others

Premiere: 13 October 2018

Eleven actors and eleven writers from nine different countries are searching for traces of a common history betwenn east and west. Director Marcus Lobbes unites the slivers of eleven monologues to a visually stunning and literary panorama.

Around the last show of Ich, Europa in April 2019, the European mini festival RIDING THE BULL is taking place at Schauspielhaus Dortmund. All authors of Ich, Europa will attend and curating their own programmes:


  • 5 April: Writer Ece Temelkuran is presenting her latest book about the recent political and social changes in Turkey.
  • 9 April: Muzaffer Öztürk is singing songs about his time in prison in Turkey and about the political fight and his longing for freedom and justice.
  • 11 April: Reading - Iman Humaidan, writer and president of libanese PEN-Centre, who fled from libanese civil war to Paris. In cooperation with Goethe-Institut Paris.


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In the Maze of Knowledge (Im Irrgaten des Wissens)

by Thorleifur Örn Arnarsson and Mikael Torfason

Premiere: 25 May 2019

You should imagine the theatre building as one giant brain. As a collective brain that perceives as diverse as it consists of neurons, a brain that constantly produces a peculiar knowledge and new skills. As a brain that tries to learn from its mistakes and failures as well as from its success, a brain that can feel and frequently connects itself to the inner and outer world – with humans and machines: the faster and more unpredictable the synapses inside the giant brain will breed, the crazier and more poetic will get the ideas it produces; the more productive and disturbing the dreams which are rising from its plexus and will be seen by humans only on a glimpse. To listen. To feel. To consider. And eventually questioning the current state of our world order. That would be, what we call theatre. 

Director and author Thorleifur Örn Arnarsson and the company of Schauspiel Dortmund and Dortmund speaking choir are performing an autopsy of the world’s knowledge – as an adventurous and incredible theatre happening in and around all possible locations around Schauspiel Dortmund‘s theatre house.

A summer spectacle that will lift your scullcap and makes your heart dance in circles.


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Photo: Ich, Europa ©Birgit Hupfeld 

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