The Traitor's Niche

National Theatre of Kosovo

19 March 2024

'The Traitor's Niche', a major production by National Theatre of Kosovo, is set to premiere on 19 March 2024.

“To maintain power, the Ottoman Empire will do its best to capture the head of the rebel leader, Ali Pasha Tepelena, who, trapped in his fortress, hopes that the Albanians will go after him as they once went after Skanderbeg.”

The Ottoman Empire has begun to weaken because the states under its occupation have started efforts for independence. To preserve power and image in the eyes of its citizens, the empire has placed in the main square of the capital the niche of shame: the place where the heads of traitors will be exposed for all the world to see.

But one head is challenging to capture: that of the head Albanian rebel, 80-year-old Ali Pasha Tepelena. But the Sultan is able to do his best to capture the head of Ali Pasha, who holed up in his fortress, hopes that Albanians everywhere will respond positively to his invitation to join the war against the empire, as they did with Skanderbeg a few centuries ago.

Ismail Kadare
Dramatized by:
Doruntina Basha
Kushtrim Koliqi

Actors: Adrian Morina, Armend Smajli, Ylber Bardhi, Gresa Pallaska, Bislim Muçaj, Kosovare Krasniqi, Zana Berisha, Fiona Abdullahu, Art Pasha, Gentrit Shala, Florenta Bajraktari, Jehona Gashi

Asst. Director: Qendresa Spahiu, Ardijana Mehmeti, Djellëza Dedushi
Composer: Adhurim Grezda
Choreographer: Erna Salihu
Set designer: Bekim Korça
Costume designer: Yllka Brada
Lighting design: Yann Perregaux
Dramaturge: Zoga Çeta Çitaku
Video Artist: Miran Bratus
Design: Nita Qahili
Photographer: Elton Alickaj
Supervisor: Mursel Haziri
Lighting: Mursel Bekteshi
Tonist: Avdi Gërvalla

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