The Three Little Pigs and the Wolf Costume

De Toneelmakerij

10th July to 21st August

ETC Member Theatre De Toneelmakerij (Amsterdam / The Netherlands) present a summer production in the open-air theatre Amsterdamse Bostheater. A play for the whole family with puns, music and smooth dance moves.
In 'The Three Little Pigs and The Wolf Costume', the three pigs Knor, Knar and Krul try to stay out of the claws of the "big bad wolf." 
The two brothers and sister all have their own opinion about what should happen and why. One wants to go solo, while the other wants to keep La Famiglia together. Grumpy sneers, curly-tailed debates and quarrels full of words never heard before fly back and forth. And all this under the constant threat of a wolf howling…
The most famous British fairytale is turned into a coming-of-age story for the very young. How do you survive if your mother kicks you out of the house? How do you overcome fear? When do you trust someone? And if everyone tells their own story, how do you know what’s true?  

Clownesque and absurdist theatre with a pinch of satire. Head to the De Toneelmakerij website to find out more (in Dutch).

Photo credit: Jan Hoek

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