The Pillowman

Royal Theatre “Zetski dom" /Montenegro

The new season in the Royal Theatre "Zetski dom" started with the premiere of the play "The Pillowman", directed by young Montenegrin director Andrija Rašović, based on the text by Martin McDonagh.

Martin McDonagh is a British-Irish playwright, filmmaker and screenwriter. His career started in theatre. When he was 24, he wrote seven plays in 10 months. He was the first playwright since Shakespeare to have four plays running simultaneously in London. Among the mentioned plays was "The Pillowman", which was awarded Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Play in 2004.

The play is also the final master's thesis of Rašović from the subject Theatre direction at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje. He chose this text because it celebrates the act of storytelling itself. "The audience faces the disturbing nature of the stories, with the power of imagination and the delicate relationship of an unspoiled and innocent childhood, faced with the terrible reality of the world we live in", Rašović points out.

"In art, and especially in theatre, we should not run away from the unspeakable", Rašović says, and at the same time, the central question of the play: "What if through stories we give a voice to those who otherwise would not be able to speak?".

Dramaturge Rajko Radulović points out that this is "An opportunity to "get lost" in the world of "Pillowman", to reconsider attitudes about life, art and the world around us, the dark truths that lie hidden beneath the surface of existence." Black humor present in the play Radulović characterizes as a protective mechanism against the absurdity of existence.

"The director and the actors managed to elaborate complicated topic in a fun and special way, which is not often seen in the theatre", noted dramaturgy assistant Sergej Pavlović.

The cast includes: Pavle Prelević, Stefan Vuković, Ognjen Sekulić, Nemanja Todorović i Nevena Penava.

Dramaturgy by Rajko Radulović, Dramaturgy assistant Sergej Pavlović, Scenography, Music and Costume design by Andrija Rašović and Light Design by Dragan Sjekloća.

Photo credit: (c) Duško Miljanić

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