The Best European Show

Fondazione Teatro Due

21-22 October 2023

Have you ever dreamed of seeing the theatre equivalent of Eurovision?

In this major co-production between five ETC Member Theatres, a jury has to select the winner of the first European Theatre Festival modelled after the Eurovision Song Contest.

Shows from 52 countries are competing for a single award: The Best European Show Award... but the task is more difficult than anyone could have imagined.

Politics, private ambitions, love affairs and bold artistic visions: the stakes are high!

The show's cast includes actors and actresses from Italy, Kosovo, Malta, Slovenia, Germany, France and Poland.

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Premiere Dates

📅 JK Opole Theatre - Poland: 13 October, 2023
📅 Fondazione Teatro Due - Italy: 21 October, 2023
📅 Teatru Malta - Malta: 9 February, 2024
📅 SNG Nova Gorica - Slovenia: 16 April, 2024
📅 National Theatre Kosovo - Kosovo: 25 April, 2024

ETC Development Grant

The Best European Show has been developed using an ETC Development Grant, which provides up to €5'000 to groups of three or more ETC theatres to create an international project together.

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