The Best European Show

Teatru Malta, JK Opole Theatre, SNG Nova Gorica, Fondazione Teatro Due, National Theatre of Kosovo

October - April 2023

Rehearsals have begun for 'The Best European Show', the major international co-production by five ETC Member Theatres from five countries!

Teatru Malta (MT), JK Opole Theatre (PL), SNG Nova Gorica (SI), Teatro Due (IT) and Kosovo National Theatre (KS) have created the show, which is a satirical look at how we 'judge' theatre across Europe. The cast is international, including actors from each of the five countries.

'The Best European Show' is a satirical comedy about an eclectic European jury that needs to determine the winners of the last theatre festival ever before the theatre finally gives way to the ongoing digitalisation and retires into history books. 

This jury consists of a theatre critic, a government official, a diva, a theatre director, a theatre manager and a writer all of whom formulate their own opinions as they rip each performance apart during a gruelling evaluation process. The show is a combination of live action on stage and videos that will present the performances as short video trailers offering a great base to talk about a series of current affairs connected to European Theatre.

'The Best European Show' has been developed using an ETC Development Grant, which provides up to €5000 to groups of 3 or more ETC theatres to create an international project together.

The creative team gathered in Opole this week for the rehearsals.

The premiere dates:

📅 Opole - Poland: October 13, 2023
📅 Parma - Italy: October 21, 2023
📅 Valetta - Malta: February 9, 2024
📅 Nova Gorica - Slovenia: April 16, 2024
📅 Prishtina - Kosova: April 25, 2024

  • Text authors: Marko Bratuš and Haris Pašović
  • Director: Haris Pašović

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