The 53rd Week of Slovenian Drama Festival

Prešernovo Gledališče Kranj

The programme has been announced for the 53rd edition of the Week of Slovenian Drama, hosted by Preseren Theatre Kranj.

You can see more detail about the programme here.


Organised annually by the Prešeren Theatre Kranj since 1971, the prestigious theatre festival Week of Slovenian Drama presents the most successful performances based on a Slovene play or text and staged in the last season by Slovene theatres. The festival, which usually runs for nearly 2 weeks, concludes with a ceremony at which the Grum Award is bestowed on the best original Slovene play, the Grün-Filipič Award is awarded for excellence in dramaturgy. Two awards are given for the best staging of a Slovene play appearing on the festival: the Šeligo Award, decided by an expert jury, and the Audience Award, voted by the festival audience.


27 March at 19.00 Prešeren Theatre Kranj

Festival Opening Ceremony and the ZDUS-SADA Awards Presentation
Milan Ramšak Marković: A Rainy Day in Gurlitsch
Prešeren Theatre Kranj and Ptuj City Theatre, director: Sebastijan Horvat


28 March at 17.00 Layer House

Critical reading (and watching) of first stagings of Slovenian plays
Round table, ZDUS-SADA


28 March at 19.30 Prešeren Theatre Kranj

Katarina Morano: The Sediments
SNT Drama Ljubljana, director: Žiga Divjak


29 March at 17.00 Kranj City Library

Reading performances of 10-minute dramas by UL AGRFT students


29 March at 19.30 Prešeren Theatre Kranj

Maruša Krese: That I am afraid?
Prešeren Theatre Kranj, director: Anđelka Nikolić


30 March 17.00 SLOGI, Ljubljana

The Day of the Nominees – Young Playwright Award


30 March at 20.00 Škrlovec Tower

Salty-eyed lady


31 March at 19.00 Prešeren Theatre Kranj

Katarina Morano: How a Tree Fell

SNT Drama Ljubljana, director Žiga Divjak


1 April at 15.40 Škrlovec Tower Gallery

Artficial blood, real tears: How to talk about violence in theatrecreation processess? 
Round table, DGKTS


1 April at 18.00 Škrlovec Tower

Klemen Kovačič, Nik Žnidaršič: Messy Room
Ljubljana Puppet Theatre


1 April at 20.00 Prešeren Theatre Kranj

Authorial project by Nataša Matjašec Rošker and Petja Labović: Don't You Alice Me (Once Again)
Drama SNT Maribor


2 April at 10.00

Make up artists of Slovenian theatre expert meeting


2 April at 19.30 Prešeren Theatre Kranj

Authorial project based on Slovenian folk songs: Wives in Dough 
SNT Drama Ljubljana, director: Živa Bizovičar


3 April at 12.00

Drama of Smaller European Languages project
Expert meeting, ETC


3 April at 18.00 Depandansa, Glavni trg 7

Tjaša Črnigoj, Nika Rozman, Tea Vidmar, Barbara Kapelj: Sex Education II: Diagnosis + Consentire
Maska Ljubljana, Mladinsko Theatre, City of Women, director: Tjaša Črnigoj


3 April at 20.00 Škrlovec Tower

Authorial project: Godzilla Tribute Band
Moment and SNT Nova Gorica, directors: collective GTB


4 April at 16.00 Kovačnica

The Voices of the New Belarus
Round table, SC ITI Worldwide, People’s embassy of Belarus, the Belarus diaspora in Slovenia


4 April at 18.00 Prešeren Theatre Kranj

Jure Karas: The Realists
EXIT Theatre, Zagreb, director: Matko Raguž


4 April at 20.00 Škrlovec Tower

Lea Mihevc, Nik Žnidaršič: Where are You From, Girl
AGRFT and Cankarjev dom


5 April at 17.00 and 20.00 Tunnels under the old town of Kranj

Authorial project: 410 Kilometers
Ljubljana Puppet Theatre


5 April at 18.00 Prešeren Theatre Kranj

Lea Kukovičič: The Last Hamlet, introduction


5 April at 19.00 Prešeren Theatre Kranj

Authorial project: The Fairy Tales of our Childhood
Prešernovo Theatre Kranj, director: Jernej Lorenci


6 April at 15.00 AGRFT Great Hall 

The Day of the Nominees – Slavko Grum Award


6 April at 18.00 Prešeren Theatre Kranj

Simona Semenič: Secret Society KRVZ
Puppet Theatre Ljubljana, director: Mare Bulc


6 April at 20.00 Škrlovec Tower

Kranjčan Brothers


7 April at 19.30 Prešeren Theatre Kranj

Festival Closing Ceremony and Awards Presentation


12 April at 20.00 Prešeren Award Winners Gallery

Iztok Mlakar – bonus concert

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