Sjako de meesterdief

De Toneelmakerij

22 May - 28 June 2023

Amsterdam, about 300 years ago. Heavily loaded and with billowing sails, the ships foam up to Dam Square, full of treasures from distant lands. A young man in a fancy suit stands on the quay. That suit has been stolen. Just like the wig on its head: it's Sjako the master thief.

He peers at the loaded ships. If you would share it honestly, there is enough for everyone in Amsterdam. But there is no fair sharing, not even in the Amsterdam of 1800. That is why Sjako is going to steal it fairly.

He is not afraid of getting caught. With a different name, a different suit, dozens of shortcuts and a city full of friends from all over, he is elusive. Until one day he takes just a little too much from just the wrong person: someone who doesn't give up until Sjako is caught.

Sjako the master thief is a musical performance for the classroom, in which the narrator effortlessly takes the students along the history of their own city and its various inhabitants. Together the children discover that the Amsterdam of the past is not even that different from the Amsterdam of today: a city of and for everyone.

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