Salta para o Saco

Teatro do Noroeste – Centro Dramático de Viana

15 February - 02 March 2024

Teatro do Noroeste - Centro Dramático de Viana premiered Salta para o Saco, a play written by António Torrado and directed by Elisabete Pinto, on 15 February in the main hall of the Teatro Municipal Sá de Miranda, in Viana do Castelo, Portugal.

João and Ludovina are a young couple whose love is tested by various adventures. St Peter chooses them to try to instruct the angels about the realities of life. Throughout the story, St Peter himself appears in disguise to the two young people and in one of these disguises he offers John a special sack, testing his courage and valour. But will the love of Private John and Young Ludovina withstand the war, the heat, the cold, the flies and, above all, the distance?..

15 February – 2 March
Monday to Friday: 9.30 am and 11.00 am.
Saturdays: 5.00 pm

Audio Description and Simultaneous Translation into Portuguese Sign Language (2nd of March)
Stage Recognition, English Subtitles, Post-Show Conversation (All sessions)

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Cover photo: (c) João Grisantes

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