Romeo und Julia

Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe

16 & 30 September 2023

Anna Bergmann stages the world's most famous love story in a musical version by Clemens Rynkowski. Shakespeare's tragedy created a myth: two young people who try to live their love against all social resistance and have to pay for it with death. How tempting would it be if you could just press reset? Just start over again?

Director Anna Bergmann tells the story of the offspring of feuding families from back to front: The production begins with the fifth act and ends with the first, while jumping through time and centuries. 

The play starts in the Renaissance, the next act takes place in the Rococo, the third cites the costumes of the 1920s, from there the set jumps to the 1980s and ends in the magical transformation of a futuristic, queer Venetian masked ball. 

If you end at the beginning and the boundaries of the warring worlds of the sexes dissolve over the course of the evening, could there perhaps be a happy ending?

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