Rabbit Hole

De Toneelmakerij

01 March 2024

The Dutch premiere of Rabbit Hole will take place on Friday, 1 March 2024 at Theater De Krakeling in Amsterdam.

After the successful Austrian opening night in the Deep Space of the Ars Electronica Centre in Linz, we are happy to announce the return of Rabbit Hole. This compelling, interactive theatre experience about the online world examines the richness of the internet, as well as its dark side. Bringing narrative design, new dramaturgy and new technology together, de Toneelmakerij created a show that is highly recognisable for teenagers and highly educational for their teachers and parents.

About the performance

Samy doesn't leave his room, stops going to school and ignores his mother and sister. He has retreated to an online community, the way out of his daily reality of bullying, loneliness and a broken family. Online, he makes new friends: Neo17 and its followers. His sister Hanna thinks they are misogynists; according to Samy, they just see things as they are. And by the way: aren't all of Hanna's leftist friends just as extreme? Hanna and Samy end up opposed to each other. With their cell phones, the audience becomes part of the chat fora on which the isolated Samy moves. Do you follow him into the rabbit hole? Or stay out of it?

Rabbit Hole by de Toneelmakerij i.c.w. Theater Sonnevanck is an interactive and contemporary performance. In this unique cross-media environment, the dynamics of radicalization become crystal clear. ­­the international version of Rabbit Hole was made, in a co-production by de Toneelmakerij with Akademie für Theater und Digitalität from Dortmund, the Austrian Schäxpir Festival and the Ars Electronica Centrum in Linz. For the interactive part of the performance, de Toneelmakerij and Theater Sonnevanck collaborated with Theater Utrecht's Innovation:Lab.


Daniel van Klaveren  

Paul Knieriem  

Dramaturgy and international cooperation:
Paulien Geerlings    

Costume design:
Studio Sabine Staartjes   

Video & sound design:
Mario Simon, Booi Kluiving 

Lighting design:
Jasper Nijholt  

Tomer Pawlicki, Gonca Karasu/ Bitha Babazadeh

Interactive components build on
Morphix Productions

Flfluid technical solutions:
Marco Mooren, Mees van der Wijk 

Narrative & game design:
Jedidjah Julia Noomen

Development Digital Platform:
Innovation:Lab, Theater Utrecht 

With thanks to:
Akademie für Theater und Digitalität, Saxion University of Applied Sciences   

Educational context program:
Martien Langman

Co-funded by:
European Union

Publicity image:
Jan Hoek

(c) Jan Hoek

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