Montenegrin National Theatre

01 December 2023

Judgment is all around us. In sight, in movement, in the family, on the street, in the theatre...we judge easily and without reservation, on the basis of "laws" that we take for granted, and rarely ask ourselves the question of where the roots of our judgments are. 

What is freedom, what is good and what is justice? Does civilization treat these concepts adequately? We have created systems that have outgrown man, and a system that is not in proportion to man can oppress, burden, alienate and even kill him.

'Proces' ('The Trial') is a representation of the burden - the one imposed from the outside, but more importantly - the one we carry inside. About the germ from which the burden grows, about innate guilt. About the fact that we came into this world with a predisposition to be our own enemy. 

In this constant struggle with himself and the absurdity that surrounds him, the main character goes through a wide range of states. Recognising his own internal problems and inevitabilities in the external world, he makes peace with this worldly form of existence. 

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