Peer Gynt

Fondazione Teatro Due

21 & 21 June 2023

Considered a masterpiece of the European theatre, Peer Gynt combines the universality of the picaresque stories with fairy-tale and mythological Nordic folklore.

A mammoth and overflowing work that Henrik Ibsen wrote in 1867 while he was in Italy, and that he was able to stage only several years after its publication, thanks to the smart partnership with Edvard Grieg, who composed incidental music so extraordinary to gain, during the years, an independent life respect to the theatrical text.

This staging, produced for Reggio Parma Festival by Fondazione Teatro Due, Parma in collaboration with LaFil - Filarmonica di Milano, brings together “words and notes” of Peer Gynt once again, thanks to the cast of fifteen actors directed by Daniele Abbado and over fifty musicians from the LaFil Orchestra conducted by Marco Seco.

An extraordinary operation, unique in Italy, which will allow the public to (re)live the experience of one of the best artistic partnerships in the history of musical theatre, also thanks to a “totally visual staging, in an open installation form in which the orchestra is placed in the centre of the space to play on the alternation of the presence of music in the narration, thus rediscovering a form of stage that is out of the ordinary, imaginative and at the same time primordial.” (Daniele Abbado)

Practical information

20 & 21 June 2023, 21:00: Arena Shakespeare (Fondazione Teatro Due, Parma)

by Henrik Ibsen / incidental music by Edvard Grieg

with Roberto Abbati, Valentina Banci, Cristina Cattellani, Laura Cleri, Davide Gagliardini, Michele Lisi, Carlotta Mangione, Andrea Mattei, Elisabetta Mazzullo, Ilaria Mustardino, Luca Nucera, Chiara Sarcona, Massimiliano Sbarsi, Francesca Tripaldi, Pavel Zelinskiy and Orchestra LaFil – Filarmonica di Milano

conducted by Marco Seco
directed by Daniele Abbado

set and light design Angelo Linzalata
costumes design Giada Masi
stage movements Riccardo Micheletti
assistant director Giorgio Pesenti

produced by Fondazione Teatro Due
in collaboration with LaFil – Filarmonica di Milano


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