State Small Theatre of Vilnius

08 December 2023 - 25 January 2024

The State Vilnius Small Theater, in cooperation with VšĮ "Darbininkai", invites the audience to the premiere of 'Neištikimoji' ('Unfaithful') by Naubert Jasinskas, a young generation theatre director and creator of audiovisual experiences. 

"Bergman and the Vilnius Small Theater have a common aesthetic sense, where creative connections can be made," says N. Jasinskas. He creates the performance as a visual poetic narrative based on the script of the famous Swedish modern filmmaker - Ingmar Bergman - which the director himself never managed to transfer to the cinema.

In 'Unfaithful', Bergman examines the world of the artist, his conflicts, passions, searches, failures. Marianė is an actress whose husband is a famous conductor. They have a daughter, Izabela, and it's a beautiful, harmonious family. However, the woman falls in love with a family friend - a theatre and film director who is not very successful. This move of hers turns into a terrible disaster for the family.

Why do we deny our lust when it is unrelenting? How and why is the inability to express one's needs born in a person? What happens when we don't speak, ignore and silence the truth?

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