Looking back at...ETC at European Discoverability Forum

MEPs and representatives of the cultural sector join in to discuss the discoverability of European cultural works in the digital environment

ETC Executive Director, Heidi Wiley, delivered a speech at the first European Discoverability Forum panel held at the European Parliament on 9 March.

This cross-sectoral event identified the effective discoverability of European cultural works in the digital environment, i.e. their availability and visibility to the public, as a determining factor in the success of the digital transition of the creative and cultural sectors and in building the future of European cultural creation.

Heidi Wiley explained that discoverability is one of the most fundamental issues facing the sector today, especially in a European context:

"Discoverability means introducing theatre audiences to productions from companies, places and countries they didn’t know about. Most audiences find out what is happening with local productions or may look into work by very well-known international artists and companies. We, therefore, want to give these audiences and also professionals access to theatre performed in other cities, regions or European countries. It also means facilitating the discovery of online or digital-first theatre from across the continent."

The European Coalitions for Cultural Diversity organised this event with the support of MEPs Ibán García del Blanco and Niklas Nienass, and Members of the Cultural Creators Friendship Group of MEPs.

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