"Marin Sorescu" National Theatre of Craiova

25 April 2023

A poetic meditation on life, inspired by poetry itself, but also by nature, 'IERBAR' ('Herbarium') presents a unique perspective - filtered through Radu Afrim's unmistakable artistic sensibility - on the passage of time in a setting where young couples, middle-aged couples and older couples coexist.

They are in different existential phases, but fragility, the desire for love and communion, and the awareness that everything is ephemeral permeate their every gesture and action. In the endless rustle of nature, we can distinguish, on a micro-scale, the infinite character of the macro universe that greets us with sunrises, sunsets and stars, a universe both familiar and mysteriously fascinating, from which we are essentially inseparable.

'Ierbar' is a multi-sensory theatrical experience, but also an inner one, a journey in which the magical accompanies the concrete just as, when we breathe in the frost, we cannot stop the streams of steam from volubly framing our faces.

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