How Can We Re-Engage Digital Audiences?

Read the brainstorming report by Voices of Culture, with input from ETC

(Re)-Engaging Digital Audiences – Challenges and Opportunities

Voices Of Culture – The structured dialogue between the European Commission and the cultural sector has published a Brainstorming report on '(Re)-Engaging Digital Audiences - Challenges and Opportunities'.

The Brainstorming report provides guidelines and recommendations to cultural practitioners and the European Commission in three main chapters:

  • COVID-19 recovery, impact on cultural consumption by digital means and the EU’s role in assisting cultural organizations.
  • Digital audience management and a supportive role for the EU.
  • Aspects of data collection and management with regard to rebuilding and reaching existing and new audiences via digital means (including a focus on the digitally-deprived).

The document is aimed at both cultural practitioners on a local level, with concrete tips and practices but also provides people in policy making positions with useful tools for their work.

The report features a comprehensive summary section, providing an overview of the main points of each chapter. Similarly, the main recommendations to the cultural sector and the European Commission are laid out each on a single page.

ETC Input

This Brainstorming report results from online Voices of Culture Brainstorming meetings 13-15 December 2021 in a group of 35 representatives from civil society organisations in the EU selected through an open call. Further input to the report resulted from a workshop with the same group of civil society representatives, including ETC Project Manager Teresa Pfaud, together with representatives from the European Commission on 26 April 2022 at the Goethe-Institut in Brussels.

Voices of Culture is funded by the European Commission and implemented by Goethe-Institut. Its main objective is to provide a channel for the voices from cultural sector to be heard at EU and member state levels, strengthen the advocacy capacity of the cultural sector in policy debates whilst encouraging the sector and the Commission to work more closely together.

Voices of Culture Report - Re-Engaging Digital Audiences in the Cultural Sector


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