Hidden Sense

Divadlo Jána Palárika/Slovakia

premiere on April 22

How to find your way in today's disoriented times? How to find real meaning, hidden under a layer of misinformation, conspiracy, hoaxes and propaganda? An immersive interactive classroom piece is a tool for finding and using critical thinking.

We live in a difficult time. We are overwhelmed by technological developments, political events, crises, cases, all at such a pace that one does not have chance to perceive them in their complexity. And individual doesn't have time to adopt an opinion about them at all. Therefore, he often takes someone else's opinion. Uncritically, because it's comfortable. Building and defending one´s opinion is very time-consuming, so it is becoming less and less common in today´s hectic times. But if we abandon critical thinking, if we give up forming our own opinion, if we stop devoting time and energy to understanding the world, we only become passive consumers who are fed anything, regardless if it is good for them. Freedom, democracy ends here, all fun ends here!

The interactive, immersive production HIDDEN SENSE offers a model situation from the school environment in which a teacher, janitor and principal can find themselves and in which the ability to think critically proves to be an essential tool for defending against misinformation, hoaxes and other harmful or dangerous phenomena of today.

In conjunction with a moderated lecture after the performance, Hidden Sense is also a useful introduction to the issue of critical thinking - what it is and why it is not only good, but in the times we live, essential for survival.

Director Adriana Totiková and playwright Michal Baláž have been working hard with the entire creative team for several weeks now, and we are already looking forward to the result, which we will see together with the students at the premiere on April 22.

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