Guridi: Magical Bidaia

Teatro Arriaga Antzokia

9 - 10 March 2024

Teatro Arriaga premieres this weekend "Guridi: Magical Bidaia," its new in-house production, a fun family show featuring theatre, live music, dancers, and magical effects. This performance is a sustainable production, that uses recycled and reused elements, as well as garments from local and second-hand stores, in accordance with the ETC Theatre Green Book.

Bilbao, March 5, 2024 - The Arriaga Theater is finalising preparations for the premiere of its new in-house production: "Guridi: Magical Bidaia." Directed by Pako Revueltas, this entertaining family show promises to surprise everyone with unexpected events and will especially delight families with children aged 6 and above.

The premiere is set for this upcoming weekend, on Saturday, March 9, and Sunday, March 10, with two performances each day at 5:00 PM and 7:30 PM.

"Guridi: Magical Bidaia" combines elements to create a very comprehensive show. On one hand, it is a highly dynamic play, thanks to the dramaturgy conceived by Ángel Mirou and Pako Revueltas himself. Ángel Mirou is also the author of the play's texts, which have been translated into Basque by Idoia Barceló and are interpreted by Gaizka Chamizo, Eneritz Artetxe, Na Gomes, Juanjo Otero, and Karmele Matuzola. The show is subtitled. Furthermore, it features the wonderful music of Guridi, performed live by 50 girls and boys from the Children's Choir of the Coral Society of Bilbao, under the direction of José Luis Ormazabal, with piano accompaniment by Alberto Sáez Puente. Another attraction of "Guridi: Magical Bidaia" is the magical effects by Jon Zabal, and, as if that weren't enough, at a certain moment, there is a special tango dance performed by Christina Gómez and Borja Alcalde.

"Guridi: Magical Bidaia" is a show that encourages reflection on concepts such as empathy. The main protagonist is Salva, a pre-adolescent boy of 12 years, portrayed by Gaizka Chamizo. Salva is a video game whiz who is used to being the centre of attention and having all the characters act according to his whims. Naturally, he believes that real life is the same, that people are at his service, and that the world exists for him to do as he pleases... so he is unfamiliar with empathy. However, throughout a very entertaining performance, life will gradually teach him otherwise…

About the Music:
The music of Jesús Guridi, closely associated with the Coral Society of Bilbao, encompasses many influences and offers an absolutely personal and recognizable result. The music for this show, written for a children's choir (almost 50 girls and boys on stage), combines the harmonic richness of the accomplished organist, the refinement of a Parisian student who immerses himself in musical innovations at the beginning of the 20th century, and a deep understanding of folklore and classical polyphony. All of this and more is woven into a contemporary proposal full of sensitivity.

Regarding the music, it's also essential to mention Carlos Imaz, who not only crafted musical arrangements for the show but also composed additional pieces of music and sound passages for "Guridi: Magical Bidaia."

A Sustainable Production:
The Arriaga Theater remains dedicated to sustainable productions, exemplified by its latest in-house creation, "Guridi: Magical Bidaia," which aligns with the guidelines set forth in the Theatre Green Book developed by the European Theatre Convention (ETC). Specifically, the set design incorporates recycled or repurposed materials, including elements from past Arriaga productions such as the curtain from "Il mondo della luna" and the sofa from "Erresuma/Kingdom/Reino." Furthermore, costumes and props are sourced second-hand from local shops, with a notable portion acquired from second-hand stores in Bilbao's Casco Viejo. Additionally, the theatre's technical team has constructed and adapted materials in their own workshop. Through these endeavours, the Arriaga Theater reaffirms its commitment to the environment and its adherence to the principles outlined in the ETC Theatre Green Book.

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