Georgian Showcase 2023

Tbilisi International Festival of Theatre

22 - 27 September 2023

The Georgian Showcase, organised by Tbilisi International Festival of Theatre, is the biggest platform for Georgian theatre and a unique possibility to meet professionals from all over the world. The 2023 edition will take place between 22 - 27 September!

In 2023, enthusiasts can revel in the opportunity to witness an astounding 54 performances from nearly all theatres in Georgia, representing a diverse array of directors, genres, forms, and styles.

Among them, 16 performances have received “recommendation”, while the rest, considered "non-recommended," are nevertheless presented with equal enthusiasm, adhering to the principle of free screening and audience choice. These theatrical gems draw inspiration from a rich tapestry of sources, including renowned classics, lesser-known masterpieces, and contemporary works, both Georgian and global, some ultra-modern plays written specifically for these performances.

The themes explored in these shows earnestly reflect the realities and concerns of the 21st-century human, with particular emphasis on the younger generation. Each play serves as a poignant mirror, reflecting the multifaceted currents and pressing issues shaping our society today.

This year's selection process has taken a fresh approach, focusing on a specific set of criteria. The primary emphasis was placed on productions from relatively new or independent theatres, helmed by a new generation of directors.

Furthermore, the selection committee prioritised directors and theatre troupes who are making their debut appearances in our festival or similar international events. The aim was to provide a platform for promising talents, offering a spotlight to those who have crafted remarkable and unique productions that are yet to be widely recognised.

An integral aspect of our tradition and program revolves around premieres, an eagerly anticipated direction in which theatres invest considerable effort. This year, as in the past, we can expect an exciting lineup of premieres from a multitude of experienced, state-funded, and economically independent troupes from Tbilisi and various cities across Georgia. In addition, both seasoned and emerging independent companies will be showcasing their latest creations at the festival.

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