From Utopia to the Ground of Facts

Deutsches Theater Berlin/Germany

With Weltall Erde Mensch, Deutsches Theater Berlin reached for nothing less than the stars at its season opening. A fun expedition into the unknown – in search of alternative realities in the cosmos, other space-time continents and parallel universes that give us ideas about how we might shape the future – marks the beginning of the season under Iris Laufenberg, the new artistic director of Deutsches Theater. But how can one set out into the infinite, the unexplored, without already having the bitter ends of all progress warningly before one's eyes, as history teaches us?

Follow director Alexander Eisenach and Ensemble on their improbable journey where they redeem the genre of science fiction from its supposed triviality and celebrate its emancipatory and philosophical potential in an associative collage.

More info here (Deutsches Theater Berlin - Weltall Erde Mensch - 24.09.2023, 18.00)

Photo: Thomas Aurin

More obviously located on Planet Earth is this Fridays’ premiere at Deutsches Theater: Baracke by Rainald Goetz investigates the dynamics of violence through a family play. It follows the course of a love across more than thirty years, across a generation. The family’s truth entails the violence that is present from the outset, the secret and the horror. And above all of this hovers the silence of the fathers, the omission of truth, the torpor of the mothers – and their continuance in the bodies of the children, from generation to generation. The premiere is already sold out.

-> Tickets starting from September 23rd (Deutsches Theater Berlin - Baracke, von Rainald Goetz)

Rainald Goetz is a shrewd chronicler and his masterful machinery of thought and connection guides us through a museum of the 21st century. Analogies with the right-wing terror of the National Socialist Underground emerge, the recent past and present concentrate into a radical excess of now. With his delicate feeling for language and a subtle gift for observation, Goetz gives language to social consciousness and outlines images of an ambivalent present in stream-like thought-cascades. Thus, Baracke becomes a revolt of speech against silence which will be accompanied by a particular highlight this season: Coming to fame by slitting his forehead during a lecture at the Ingeborg Bachmann Prize for Literature and keeping public appearances to the absolute minimum, Rainald Goetz will give a talk in the context of the stage production on September 26th at Deutsches Theater Berlin.

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