Four Good Reason to Leave all of This Behind

JK Opole Theatre

28 April 2023

Has the thought of completely changing your life ever crossed your mind?

And what, did it work?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, Albert Einstein once said. Norbert Rakowski, in his new performance, reminds us that we only have one life, with a limited number of mornings and sunrises. A finite number of days and opportunities to appreciate every single day. Why are we so often stuck in places where we cannot develop our potential? Where does the fear of change come from?

Do we really need to look for reasons to leave all of this behind?

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Upcoming dates:

28.04 / 7.00PM
29.04 / 7.00PM
30.04 / 7.00PM
06.05 / 7.00PM
07.05 / 6.00PM


Concept and Direction: Norbert Rakowski
Choreography: Janusz Orlik
Set Design: Maria Jankowska
Costume Design: Paula Grocholska
Lighting Design: Bogumił Palewicz
Video: Wojciech Kapela
Stage Coordinator: Katarzyna Siczewska


Milena Lisiecka
Jakub Klimaszewski
Karolina Kuklińska
Magdalena Maścianica
Konrad Wosik
Bartosz Woźny
Together with extras and performers selected during workshops:
Tymoteusz Rusin
Jeremi Mielcarek
Kamil Brzeziński
Nikola Brzezińska
Marta Stępień
Jacek Jasiński
Julia Tołpa
Maja Kaczmarczyk
Szymon Połeć
Aneta Pikuła
Aleksander Gocalski-Rybarz
Konstantyn Terentiev
Maja Lewicka
Ewa Wodecka
Piotr Kajdrys
Jadwiga Sokołowska


The Art of Lovemaking

JK Opole Theatre

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