Festival Émulation: Emerging Talents in Liège

Théâtre de Liège

19 24 March

A dreamy and cosmic Japanese closed-door show, an adventure where the condition of existence is characterized by black humor, the highlighting of a deportee integrated to the Sonderkommando of Auschwitz, an atypical and sensitive exploration devoted to the geography of lady parts, a flashback on the war that destroyed former Yugoslavia, an animal park which changes to a nightmarish comedy and a blithe glorification dedicated to the inventive freedom of childhood, are the productive themes the young artists present to you at the 8th edition of the Festival Émulation.

Since its first edition in 2005, this biennial initiated by the Théâtre de Liège has become a unique space for creation and discovery of emerging talents in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. Rich in various worlds, art forms and perspectives of the next theatrical generation, the Festival Émulation invites the audience and professionals to share this new and surprising focus.

From 19 to 24 March, this unavoidable rendez-vous will take place in different inspiring places of our beautiful principality, that will vibrate to the rhythm of the young French-speaking Belgian creation.

ETC Members and guests are warmly invited to visit the festival. Please contact Marvin Robert ( 




Photo: Char d'assaut © Hichem Dahes

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