Ditë Vere

National Theatre of Kosovo

15-19-20-26 & 27 October 2023

On a beautiful sunless summer day, people and fates confront each other. One of the central challenges confronted by the characters is the conflict between their desire to live and the impossibility to desire.

"Evil is wanting everything and getting nothing" and "evil is when you don't want anything because you have everything".

Author: Sławomir Mrożek
Director: Kaltrim Balaj
Starring: Andi Bajgora, Art Pasha, Era Balaj, Lumnije Sopi, Veton Osmani, Adhurim Demi, Naim Berisha
With musicians from the Kosova Philharmonic: Meriton Ferizi (harmonica), Aurora Kabashi (cello)
Dramaturge: Zoga Çeta Çitaku
Composer: Memli Kelmendi
Costumes: Samka Ferri
Scenographer: Mentor Berisha
Lighting design: Bujar Bekteshi
Assistant director: Qendresa Spahiu
Translation: Urim Nderguti
Scenography assistant: Jerina Hysaj
Supervisor: Nazmije Krasniqi
Photos: Elton Alickaj
Visual consultant: Rrita Reka 


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