Dik Is-Siġra f'Nofs ta' Triq

Teatru Malta

16 - 18, 20 -22, 24 - 25 June 2023

Written by the author and poet Immanuel Mifsud in collaboration with Theater Anon., 'That Tree in the Middle of the Street' is a walking show that tells the story of a particular street where everyone knows everyone, and everyone knows everything, or not exactly everything, but almost.

The pressures and false promises of progress are putting pressure on the community and the majestic tree at the end of this long road. This is the old tree which, according to rumours, has been there long before the road. Has the tree become a nuisance? We think so. Or so we heard.

Mifsud looks at the tension between the past and the present and gives us a story that is both real and metaphorical, with a strong element of magical realism. Filled with fantastic characters and a cast of over 20 show artists, this production will be full of emotions, magical visual elements, acrobatics, memorable songs and emotion launched in a truly unique way.

With 90% of the set and costumes recycled, this production is one that is environmentally conscious. This theatrical work will be the first time where we will be launching a work on the campus of MCAST Paola, near our new offices, and it will open during the Malta International Arts Festival.

This project is happening in collaboration with Theater Anon. for the Malta International Arts Festival and is supported by MCAST and the Maltese Arts Council.

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