Der Katze ist es ganz egal

Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe

16, 17 & 30 June 2023

Don't miss the last performances of this play based on the children's book by Franz Orghandi at Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe! 

Leo's new name is Jennifer. Since she woke up with her new name, she can breathe better. Her friends Anne, Stella and Gabriel see opportunities for beautiful dresses and great hairstyles in the new name and are certain: "You have what you are inside of you." The adults, however, think that Jennifer is a boy and can't just be herself and choose a new name. Luckily, the cat doesn't care.

Franz Orghandl was awarded the Austrian Children's and Youth Book Prize 2021 for her humorous children's book. She manages to grasp Jennifer's anger and fears at not being able to be herself, as well as her parents' worries and difficulties in adjusting. 

Her focus is on Jennifer's path to more independence, when she receives support not only from her family but also from friends. 

The author lets Jennifer get to know a variety of perspectives on the world, which not only broaden the horizon of the protagonist. At the end, there is the enriching experience that any uncertainty can be overcome when people from three generations learn from and help each other.

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Photo: Arno Kohlem

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