Den Fula Ankungen

Malmö Stadsteater

10 May - 16 September 2023

Malmö Stadsteater offers a new interpretation of Danish poet Hans Christian Andersen's classic tale 'The Ugly Duckling'.

The mother duck is incubating her eggs in Pildammsparken. When the eggs hatch, one of the chicks is different and not at all like its siblings. The other ducks are mean and tease him, so the kid joins the adventures at Ribban and Folkets Park. It's not entirely easy being all alone in town and longing for your mother - does the duckling dare to come home again?

What do you do when someone says stupid things? How does it feel if you don't get to play? 

To create this performance, the director and the actors have met many preschool children all over Malmö. The children's thoughts, drawings and musings have been the basis for inspiration and woven into the script and costumes. 

The performance is for 3 to 6-year-olds.

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