Call for Coproducers, Performers and Presenters: "I'm Nowhere"

JK Opole Theatre

Between dance and psychology drama: a project cooperation

JK Opole Theatre invites artists who want to confront fundamental ideological problems on their stage. The creative team and cast are in progress, with a total of up to 10 people. Director is Norbert Rakowski from JK Opole Theatre and the premiere date is set for Autumn 2021.

"I'm Nowhere" intends to explore the topic of death, choice, ethics, social and moral basics. Who should decide on our life? Law, evolving medicine, courts, ourselves? 

JK Opole Theatre is looking for co-producers, performers and presenters to join this project. Learn more on the PDF presentation below.

Project presentation: "I'm Nowhere" - JK Opole Theatre


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