Het Zuidelijk Toneel

14 - 22 April 2023

Ten years ago, Lisa Verbelen, Sanne Vanderbruggen, Judith de Joode and Benjamin Moen created 'BOG.', a performance in which they tried to grasp the whole of life and all its ramifications. They mark their return ten years later, in a renewed attempt to answer the big questions in life. 

In 2013, as four people in their twenties, they made their first attempt, based on a shared desire for overview, to restructure life in one performance. From being born to dying, from burying your first pet yourself to waving goodbye to your grandchildren from behind the window. The performance premiered and for a while it seemed finished, but immediately after that it started to gnaw. This was just one way of grasping this life. To really capture something of that thing we call our 'life' they made a radical choice. BOG. decided to make a new performance every ten years, to make a new attempt every ten years, until the last of them would breathe its last.

In 2023 the time has come. Exactly ten years after their debut, BOG presents. the second part of their life's work on life. In a changed world, with obsolete bodies, children born, dead relatives and tilted perspectives, four thirty-somethings make a new attempt to restructure their lives. The desire for overview disappeared, the desire to map transformations presented itself. In a musical, linguistic performance, BOG loses. in the multiplicity of existence and searches for new structures in this ever-changing life.

BOG.2 can be seen as a separate performance. Knowledge of the first BOG. presentation is not required.

Photo: Bas de Brouwer

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