Apply to Join the ETC Green Theatre Committee!

Be one of the five representatives from ETC Members on the Committee!

27 January 2021

Apply to Join the ETC Green Theatre Committee

Environmental sustainability in theatres and on theatre’s stages has become a priority and focus for ETC’s work.

Following our last conference ‘Green Theatre’ in November, and the three workshops on green theatre practices in management, communication and biodiversity in December and January, we want to move to the action part in February.

We are looking for five representatives from ETC Member Theatres from across all departments to join and create the new ETC Green Theatre Committee.

Develop a ETC Sustainability Action Code

The task of the committee is to develop and formulate a Sustainability Action Code for ETC Member Theatres to be presented at our next conference in June 2021. The code aims to - similar like the ‘Diversity in Action’ ETC code of conduct for ETC Member Theatres - serve as guideline for ETC’s network of Member Theatres to implement a sustainability strategy in each venue. The committee will meet from March to May in self-organised online meetings. It will be accompanied by ETC Board Member Joachim Klement (Staatschauspiel Dresden) and Heidi Wiley (ETC).

We want to act to make theatre continuously relevant, to be a sustainable public place in each community, to be a relevant art form to continuously stir and mirror societal debates, to imagine our future. We want to act to address environmental sustainability using the role of theatres to meet the objectives of the SDG’s and the European Green Deal, driving social innovation and contribute to the cultural shift needed for sustainable transformation of contemporary society. We want to act to create the sustainable transition of our sector.

Apply by 12 February !

If you are interested to join the committee, apply by 12 February, describing your motivation (max 200 words) and send it by email to Heidi Wiley.

The ETC Board of Directors will select future members of the ETC Green Theatre Committee at its meeting on 16 February 2021.


If you are interested or would simply like to know more, contact Heidi Wiley: or +49 30 28 441 461.

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