This May, Dakh Theatre in Ukraine presents a stunning online / offline journey between two worlds - filled with gods, mythology, and the world of Jonathan Swift.


  • Dates: May 14, 15, 16
  • Time: 20:00 - 22:00
  • Duration: 2 acts of 50 minutes, a break of 20 minutes
  • Format: offline / online

A history about the journeys of the protagonist, a wooden puppet, between two worlds. One of these — mirrored — native and familiar, filled with gods and mythology, and the other is metallic, which becomes the embodiment of loss and loneliness.

The viewer is immersed in the events through the eyes of the protagonist, identifies himself with him, and thanks to the appearance of the actors, looking as giants, as being transported into the world of Jonathan Swift. The use of cinematic technology, the allusion to the combined shooting of the early 20th-century, and special gigantic sets give a sense of grandiosity and immensity.

The enemy god destroys the protagonist's home, and he is forced to go to another world, where he loses his native gods and stays alone. Therefore, the living body and metal are the antagonists of this history. The desire to give some of his warmth to the last of the gods is the final point of this journey between life and death.

Tickets and details coming soon!


Creative team:

  • Director: Vlad Troitskyi
  • Curator: Andrii Palatnyi
  • Actors: Sofia Baskakova; Vira Klymkovetska; Volodymyr Lutikov; Igor Dymov; Volodymyr Rudenko; Valentyna Melnyk
  • Musicians: Yana Shlyabanska; Volodymyr Hrodzytskyi
  • GF_LSD team: Mariiya Volkova; Asthik Grygoryan; Alina Danylova; Mariia Yakovenko; Victoriia Fedoriv; Alex Volovodovskyi

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